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2 Limiting Beliefs And How You Can Conquer Them

What are our limiting beliefs

What are our limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are mindsets we have learned from stimuli and influence us from an early age. They can frame or shape what we believe are capable of achieving. Much of this stems from our upbringing and schooling, who tend to build an association with certain ideologies. Firstly, we have an association between being unable to achieve tasks and our “intelligence” levels. The second, when we are unable to fit in the gym or education, we say its because we struggle with the “avaliablity of time”. I will speak to you about why these beliefs can be limiting your success and how you can overcome them.

1. Intelligence

How many times have you told yourself ‘I am not smart enough to do this’. It was only until recently that I realised this is based on a limiting belief. I actually just thought I was being ‘real’ with myself. I will show you what I mean. Firstly, when I say the word genius. Who are the first 3 people that come to mind? For me, its Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and Steven Hawking. I’m not surprised if you had many of the same individuals. Its because we have a fundamental belief that geniuses are associated with IQ.

2. Time

Now, how many times have you told yourself ‘I don’t have enough time to do that’. Or if we have a to-do-list, and we only tick of half, why do we feel drained and unfulfilled. It’s actually driven by two reasons, the first is we feel unfulfilled when we work on tasks that we don’t enjoy and the second is we put off tasks that we don’t enjoy. The reason we put of tasks we don’t enjoy is either due to their satisfaction or benefit are not seen immediately, which is why exercise or education are the most straightforward tasks to put off. It could take months before you feel any progress at the gym, so it’s easy to put it off a few days.

How can you overcome this?

1. Affirmation Statements

Yes, ok, this is going to sound contradictory to everything I have said above, but our minds can be a little foolish.

2. Emotional Recharge

We learn the most in the first session of a learning program. This is because we tend to maintain the most energy, patience and focus during that period.


Using a combination of these two methods, we can overcome some of our limiting beliefs and start getting the most out of our development.



25, finance professional and law student. MY LIFE IS A MASSIVE Work in Progress (WIP)

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Raman Singh

25, finance professional and law student. MY LIFE IS A MASSIVE Work in Progress (WIP)