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We all make mistakes. Some are easy to recover from and others may be a bit more challenging. Either way; they can be a powerful weapon for our development in ALL aspects of our life.

Mistakes are our secret to becoming an improved version of ourselves. They are secretly the fuel to our engine. But our minds don’t believe that; we are bogged down by a feeling of failure.

I have been personally been very guilty of thinking my mistakes define me. I would beat myself up for mistakes for long after they happened because I believed that:

(A) I’m…

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How do we feel after our achievements?

In life, we all achieve successes that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This happens in all facets of life, meaning that it could be a new job, good exam grades, or an anniversary. It should be a profound and uplifting experience that causes our body to tell us ‘this is all we want to achieve’ to be happy.

When we put in the hard work and eventually achieve the desired goal, what are we supposed to feel? Should we feel satisfied? This can cause people to wonder if satisfaction really “lasts”.

Why is this? We work so…

Unlike other facets of our life, we can choose how we manage our time.

It’s incredibly empowering, when we realise how we allocate our time is a strength and not a limitation.

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Humans are products of conditioning. Habits we have adopted from our upbringing and schooling naturally transcends into our day to day routine as an adult. For example, lunchtime at school used to be at 12:30 pm. Naturally, after 12 years of schooling, when the clock goes past 12:30 pm, I know I need to eat.

From when we wake up to when we go to sleep, we have routine depending on the time of day. Everything we do is dictated by time. We spend so much…

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What are our limiting beliefs

It’s very easy to get caught up in our own minds. We tend to have many learned behaviours that stem from our upbringing.

What are our limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are mindsets we have learned from stimuli and influence us from an early age. They can frame or shape what we believe are capable of achieving. Much of this stems from our upbringing and schooling, who tend to build an association with certain ideologies. Firstly, we have an association between being unable to achieve tasks and our “intelligence” levels. The second, when we are unable to fit in the gym or education, we say its…

Many businesses’ focus on creating an environment where employees feel free to bring their whole self to work.

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I remember thinking to myself when I started as a graduate in a Major Australian Bank — will I fit into the culture? Will I be able to make friends? Can I add value?

As a Turbaned Sikh, standing tall at 5 foot 6 inches and a devilish smile — I looked distinguishably different from my colleagues to my left and right. It gave me flashbacks to my secondary schooling where you seek to bring yourself to be the version that is…

How has networking changed with social distancing and work from home

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Networking is a commonly used phrase, but what does it mean?

Networking is speaking to individuals inside and outside of your organisation to learn, develop or enhance your understanding of a particular subject. It has the underlying objective of enhancing personal and professional relationships.

That was definitely a mouthful — but one thing for sure, people can find networking overwhelming in normal office circumstances. Add in social distancing and working from home, and it becomes even more challenging.

We are told time and time again, networking is critical to both personal and professional growth. Why — we may ask? It’s because it serves multiple purposes including mentorship, friendship, career development and…

‘Working’ and ‘Studying’ can be daunting — or it can be a great way to grow

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I think I can safely say I have learnt more from having to balance being a full time finance professional and being a Law Student. Having a 40 hour work week plus 20 hours of mandatory class time can take a toll. As well as being a son, a brother, a boyfriend, an uncle, a friend and giving myself time to binge watch Netflix. There is certainly a lot of pressure and a lot of things to balance.

When I say I have learnt ‘more’, I mean it has taught me three key attributes or takeaways — which to me…

It’s funny when you get into this ‘self help’ journey. No one knows how to really start.. especially as a young male, it’s very hard to talk about it.

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The very first step to your self help jouney is courage.

It took me a while to realise that only I could help me. That sounds arrogant but that’s not what I mean. I mean the pure fact that it’s up to you to admit that you need help. It’s actually a very daunting thing to realise you’re in a rut, and you need to take actionable steps to get out of it. …

Raman Singh

25, finance professional and law student. MY LIFE IS A MASSIVE Work in Progress (WIP)

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